Architectural Details

Details 1-01.jpgDetails 1-02.jpgDetails 1-03.jpgDetails 1-04.jpgDetails 1-05.jpgDetails 1-06.jpgDetails 1-07.jpgDetails 1-08.jpgDetails 1-09.jpgDetails 1-10.jpgDetails 1-11.jpgDetails 1-12.jpgDetails 1-13.jpgDetails 1-14.jpgDetails 1-15.jpgDetails 1-16.jpgDetails 1-17.jpgDetails 1-18.jpgDetails 1-19.jpgDetails 1-20.jpgDetails 1-21.jpgDetails 1-22.jpgDetails 1-23.jpgDetails 1-24.jpgDetails 1-25.jpgDetails 1-26.jpgDetails 1-27.jpgDetails 1-28.jpgDetails 1-29.jpgDetails 1-30.jpgDetails 1-31.jpgDetails 1-32.jpgDetails 1-33.jpgDetails 1-34.jpgDetails 1-35.jpgDetails 1-36.jpgDetails 1-37.jpgDetails 1-38.jpgDetails 1-39.jpgDetails 1-40.jpgDetails 1-41.jpgDetails 1-42.jpgDetails 1-43.jpgDetails 1-44.jpgDetails 1-45.jpgDetails 1-46.jpgDetails 1-47.jpgDetails 1-48.jpgDetails 1-49.jpgDetails 1-50.jpgDetails 1-51.jpgDetails 1-52.jpgDetails 1-53.jpgDetails 1-54.jpgDetails 1-55.jpgDetails 1-56.jpgDetails 1-57.jpgDetails 1-58.jpgDetails 1-59.jpgDetails 1-60.jpgDetails 1-61.jpgDetails 1-62.jpgDetails 1-63.jpgDetails 1-64.jpgDetails 1-65.jpgDetails 1-66.jpgDetails 1-67.jpgDetails 1-68.jpgDetails 1-69.jpgDetails 1-70.jpgDetails 1-71.jpgDetails 1-72.jpgDetails 1-73.jpgDetails 1-74.jpgDetails 1-75.jpgDetails 1-76.jpgDetails 1-77.jpgDetails 1-78.jpgDetails 1-79.jpgDetails 1-80.jpgDetails 1-81.jpgDetails 1-82.jpgDetails 1-83.jpgDetails 1-84.jpgDetails 1-85.jpgDetails 1-86.jpgDetails 1-87.jpgDetails 1-88.jpgDetails 1-89.jpgDetails 1-90.jpgDetails 1-91.jpgDetails 1-92.jpgDetails 1-93.jpgDetails 1-94.jpgDetails 1-95.jpgDetails 1-96.jpgDetails 1-97.jpgDetails 1-98.jpgDetails 1-99.jpg
Photographing the Art of Architecture.

Architecture has been called, “the art we live in”.

On this page,  you will discover the seldom seen yet exquisite architectural details of New York City.  The black and white photography of New York City architectural details enhances the beauty and shape of these architectural accents.
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Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Bob Estremera