New York De Nuit (by night)

De Nuit 1-1.jpgDe Nuit 1-10.jpgDe Nuit 1-11.jpgDe Nuit 1-12.jpgDe Nuit 1-13.jpgDe Nuit 1-14.jpgDe Nuit 1-15.jpgDe Nuit 1-16.jpgDe Nuit 1-17.jpgDe Nuit 1-18.jpgDe Nuit 1-19.jpgDe Nuit 1-2.jpgDe Nuit 1-20.jpgDe Nuit 1-21.jpgDe Nuit 1-22.jpgDe Nuit 1-23.jpgDe Nuit 1-24.jpgDe Nuit 1-25.jpgDe Nuit 1-26.jpgDe Nuit 1-27.jpgDe Nuit 1-28.jpgDe Nuit 1-29.jpgDe Nuit 1-3.jpgDe Nuit 1-30.jpgDe Nuit 1-31.jpgDe Nuit 1-32.jpgDe Nuit 1-33.jpgDe Nuit 1-34.jpgDe Nuit 1-35.jpgDe Nuit 1-36.jpgDe Nuit 1-37.jpgDe Nuit 1-38.jpgDe Nuit 1-39.jpgDe Nuit 1-4.jpgDe Nuit 1-40.jpgDe Nuit 1-41.jpgDe Nuit 1-42.jpgDe Nuit 1-43.jpgDe Nuit 1-44.jpgDe Nuit 1-45.jpgDe Nuit 1-46.jpgDe Nuit 1-47.jpgDe Nuit 1-48.jpgDe Nuit 1-49.jpgDe Nuit 1-5.jpgDe Nuit 1-50.jpgDe Nuit 1-51.jpgDe Nuit 1-52.jpgDe Nuit 1-53.jpgDe Nuit 1-54.jpgDe Nuit 1-55.jpgDe Nuit 1-56.jpgDe Nuit 1-57.jpgDe Nuit 1-58.jpgDe Nuit 1-59.jpgDe Nuit 1-6.jpgDe Nuit 1-60.jpgDe Nuit 1-61.jpgDe Nuit 1-62.jpgDe Nuit 1-63.jpgDe Nuit 1-64.jpgDe Nuit 1-65.jpgDe Nuit 1-66.jpgDe Nuit 1-67.jpgDe Nuit 1-68.jpgDe Nuit 1-69.jpgDe Nuit 1-7.jpgDe Nuit 1-70.jpgDe Nuit 1-71.jpgDe Nuit 1-72.jpgDe Nuit 1-73.jpgDe Nuit 1-74.jpgDe Nuit 1-75.jpgDe Nuit 1-76.jpgDe Nuit 1-77.jpgDe Nuit 1-78.jpgDe Nuit 1-79.jpgDe Nuit 1-8.jpgDe Nuit 1-80.jpgDe Nuit 1-81.jpgDe Nuit 1-82.jpgDe Nuit 1-83.jpgDe Nuit 1-84.jpgDe Nuit 1-85.jpgDe Nuit 1-86.jpgDe Nuit 1-87.jpgDe Nuit 1-88.jpgDe Nuit 1-89.jpgDe Nuit 1-9.jpgDe Nuit 1-90.jpgDe Nuit 1-91.jpgDe Nuit 1-92.jpgDe Nuit 1-93.jpgDe Nuit 1-94.jpgDe Nuit 1-95.jpgDe Nuit 1-96.jpgDe Nuit 1-97.jpg
I was both moved and inspired when I first discovered the work of the photographer know as Brassai.  He was actually Hungarian born but made his mark when he, like many others, moved and developed his art in Paris in the early 20th century.  He haunted Paris by night with an evocative photographic style. And like Paris, New York City comes alive in a special way at night,  photographed under the cloak of darkness, punctuated with light and shadow.
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Thank you for visiting and enjoy the fine art black and white photography of New York City at night.

Bob Estremera